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Multi-Monitor Structure
Innovating Monitor Solutions VU2H-24USB #1 VU2H-24USB #2 VU2H-24USB #3

We design and manufacture complete professional multiDisplay solutions. Our massmultiples™ are always ready to use right out of the box. They're simple and easy to install. It's been proven time and time again that multiple screen monitors will increase your productivity, it's the only solution to any multi-tasking environment. Order your multiDisplay monitors today.

Stands for Displays

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multiDisplay available in OEM Wide Format Solutions.

• Dual: VU2H-215 | VU2H-236

• Triple: VU3H-215 | VU3H-236

• Quad: VU4Q-215 | VU4Q-236

Why massmultiples?

Pre-cabled, ready to use out of the box

Conceived for 'Rapid-Deployment'

Durable construction

Aesthetic design that tidies unsightly cables

Modular allowing for future upgrades

Optimized ergonomics, to reduce user fatigue.

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