massmultiples™ minimum system requirement:

PII or higher PC with Windows™ 9X, NT, 2000, XP or Vista
G3 or higher Macintosh with Mac OS 9.0+ (with optional adapter)

a multi-port graphics accelerator ("graphic card") will be required
an updated video card driver from your video card manufacturer


To setup a multiDisplay System you're required to install a multi-port graphics accelerator ("graphic card"). Multi-port video accelerators are available from these popular manufacturers: nVIDIA®, AMD/ATI and Matrox

For instance, you need a video card that supports dual displays to utilize our C2H17 or C2H19. Typically both massmultiples™ monitors will be supported by only one video card. Depending on your multi-display requirements you can run several graphic cards in one computer system.
Check with your local vendor for product availability.

At MASS we're always testing the current leading video card solutions. We have a solution for your following needs: Engineers, financial traders, designers, video editors, multimedia artists, telecommunication experts, any type of digital content and many different information systems personnel.

If you have big ideas that need more room and that require the fastest, most advanced multiple monitors graphics card, 2D or 3D, OpenGL or DirectX we have a solution that will deliver and enhance your productivity.


Do I need special drivers to run my massmultiples™?

No, massmultiples™ do not require a special driver (with XP or Vista). To ensure proper operation of your massmultiples™ please contact your graphic card manufacturer and install the latest graphic/video card driver.


How do I install a new graphic card?

Here's a step by step guide: Video Card Installation Guide
PCI Express video cards have a similar installation procedure, instead of using an AGP card and slot (bus) you would be installing a PCIe card in the appropriate PCIe slot.

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